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Sunday 31 December 2023


To say I haven't kept up this year is an understatement. I thought I would pop on to show what I was able to finish. 

Heart in Hand
My 12 Days Stocking ornaments made no progress since March. They are definitely on my list for 2024.
Not an ornament, but in the spirit of the season.
Hares' Christmas, Plum Street Samplers

Wishing one and all, A Happy and Productive 2024!

Sunday 10 December 2023

Suzanne December Ornaments


This month's theme was a Free Choice so I went with the Christmas song "I'll Be Home for Christmas". These are from The World of Cross Stitching Magazine Christmas Doorway by Amanda Gregory. I make house or door themed ornaments for my two nieces since they bought their homes. These are stitched on 14 count red and light green Aida with called for DMC threads. 

It's been a great year of stitching for me and I hope it's the same for all of you. 

Friday 10 November 2023

Suzanne's November Ornament


I'm getting close to the end of my ornaments for 2023 gift giving. I'm following the Christmas Song theme and this month is Run Rudolph Run. I thought this was perfect. From JCS Ornament Preview Issue 2013 by Angel Stitchin. 

I stitched this on 18 count Oatmeal Aida finished as a flat ornament and red twine with snowflakes. 

I hope everyone is stitching happy things!

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Suzanne's October Ornament

 Hello Everyone! I hope you all have been well and enjoying your stitching. I am continuing with the song theme and this month is Santa Baby. I stitched Prairie Schooler Santa from a digital magazine I received as a freebie,, Issue 34, November 2008. 

He's stitched on a scrap piece of light green 14 count Aida with called for DMC threads. He's so cute!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see your stitching soon!


Friday 29 September 2023

I'm Baaaaack....Did you miss me? LOL!!

Oh my goodness, it's been a crazy year.  After becoming a Grandma two years ago things have taken on a whole new rhythm.  I guess I shouldn't call it a's more like going with the flow.  LOL!!  I've been keeping up with stitching the ornaments, but finishing has come in waves.  I'm sorry I haven't been posting...but I'll spare the details and get right to the point.  I've finished all the challenges for Theme Three.  I had been working on 12 Days of Christmas after receiving the Prairie Schooler Santas set, but you know...things got in the way.  I have finished stitching three of them, on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha over one  (I know...crazy...)  but they aren't finished yet...  I'll show them here unfinished, and hopefully will get the rest done before the end of the year.  Wish me luck!  

Here are the rest of Theme Three... I've finished them all for the year, and fully finished them as of last night too!  Woo hoo!  Starting with May...2021 Christmas Snowflake by Gulia Punti stitched on 32 count Summer Skies by Sparklies    

June 2001 Bearly Waiting For Christmas by Black Swan Designs stitched on 32 count beige over one  

July Free Choice 2015 Little Christmas House by La-De-Da stitched on 36 light khaki over two  

August 2013 Traveling With Santa by Imaginating stitched on 32 count white opalescent over one (I know...never again it about drove me crazy!!)  

September 2011 Lantern Santa by Sue Hillis Designs stitched on 32 count twilight over two  

October 2022  Deck the Haul by Saving Graces Fine Needlearts stitched on 14 count plastic canvas  

November Free Choice 2016 Snow in Love by Alice Okon Needleart Designs stitched on 28 count cream over one.  

December 2005 Holly 'N Hardanger by The Sweetheart Tree stitched on 32 count Natural opalescent over two.  

Whew!  Now I'll let you go back to your regular programming...and if I get any more Prairie Schooler Santas finished (from the 12 Days theme) I'll try to remember to post!  Thanks for looking and Happy Stitching (and finishing)! 

Sunday 10 September 2023

Suzanne's September Ornament

 Good Morning! It's a rainy day here but we do need the rain. My ornament this month is following the Christmas Song Theme of Let it Snow. I stitched Fresh Fallen Snow by Little House Needleworks. This is from the JCS 2011.

I can't believe it's we are on the home stretch to Christmas! I hope everyone is doing well. 

Sunday 13 August 2023

Suzanne's August Ornament

 Hi everyone! Only one ornament this month staying with Theme 2 Christmas Songs which is a free choice. I stitched Happy Holidays from Country Cottage Needleworks found in the 2012 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue. I used the DMC substitutes on 18 count Oatmeal Aida.

I have been stitching on my Twelve Days of Christmas but they are too wrinkled to show right now. 😁
I hope everyone is well. See you next month!

Monday 10 July 2023

Suzanne's July Ornaments

Hi everyone! 

I'm continuing with the Christmas Song Theme and July is Frosty the Snowman. First is Peppermint Paul by Helga Mandle Design. I didn't have the beads so I just used large French knots. 

Next is from JCS 2013 Frosty Snowflake from Needle Bling Designs. I'm trying to use up some scraps in my stash so this one would have been better on a smaller count but I'll find a friend who likes large ornaments 😁

I hope everyone is well and taking some time to stitch. 

Sunday 11 June 2023

Suzanne's June Ornament

 Hello Everyone! 

I've got my stitching mojo back and have finished several ornaments but only one that fits a June Theme. I'm working on Theme 2 Christmas Songs - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. 

This is from JCS 2012, The Stitcherhood, Christmas Morning. Stitched on 18 count Oatmeal Aida with called for DMC threads. I finished it as a flat ornament using crinkle ribbon from DL.ART. The ribbon matched perfectly with the green(I was just lucky). 

I hope you all are well and see you next month. 

Monday 15 May 2023

Suzanne's May Ornaments

Hello Everyone!

I haven't been stitching much and I'm getting behind on my Christmas Ornaments but I did manage to fully finish this month's ornaments for Theme 2 - Jingle Bell Rock. 

The first ornament is from JCS 2011, Fresh Threads Studio, Christmas Tree Sock Hop. I changed the colors a little bit because the white didn't show up too well on the pale blue Aida. 

The second is the same designer from JCS 2012, Christmas Gift Sock Hop. 

I made these for a brother and sister. I hindsight, I would use a smaller count Aida but they're very cute. I thought they fit the theme of Jingle Bell Rock too!

Can't wait to see everyone's stitching. Take care!

Thursday 27 April 2023

MIA DJ Who finally came up for air...

I've been thinking about you guys (sorry I haven't posted comments in a while) but it's been a crazy year!  While I've been stitching on theme three consistently since the beginning of the year I though if I made myself completely finish the ornament before I posted, it would motivate me to finish them before there is a mad dash at the end of the year.  Best laid plans and all that....LOL  As you can see, it didn't happen the way I planned but oh goes on.  I did make myself sit and get some finishing done this month because I'm participating in an made myself finish off these ornaments too!  It took me three days to finish up a stack I had set here goes...  

January I stitched Christmas Night by Sheila Kelly from the 2018 JCS Ornament Issue.  This was stitched on 32 count white over two (don't faint Jo!  LOL)  

February I stitched Poinsettia by Punochka (again...I think this is the third time) from the 2020 JCS Ornament Issue.  This was stitched on 32 count natural over two (no this isn't becoming a theme, Jo...LOL)  

March I stitched Christmas at the Farm by Pickle Barrel Designs from the 2022 JCS Ornament Issue.  It's stitched on 32 count petite over two (ok maybe this is becoming a trend, Jo...LOL)  

And this month...April, I stitched Come & Behold Him by Fancy Work.  It's stitched on 32 count antique white over two  (what happened to me??  OH!  I know...there was some over one stitching in part of the pattern...whew...was thinking I lost my touch!).  

All together I fully finished 16 pieces in 3 days, most of which are gifts.  If you want to see them all, you can check my blog.  The last finish was a biscornu, which was tiny and taxed my patience to the max, so I'm going to hold off on any more finishing until next month.  Don't give up hope on me, I was having trouble deciding on which 12 Days of Christmas ornaments I wanted to do this year...I REALLY wanted to do the Prairie Schooler Santas but in looking for the patterns, the ones I found were outrageously priced...BUT...I found a sale the other day and sent for them.  When they arrive I'll get started.  I'm only 4 behind, right?   I even think I know how I'll stitch and finish watch this space!  I'm going to leave you with a little ornament I stitched for my husband.  I really love how it turned out...and this cracked me up!  I found this years ago on the Living on the Rainbow blog and it was free when I printed it.  Not sure if it's still there or not.   Happy Stitching everybody!

Sunday 16 April 2023

Suzanne's April Ornament


Since this month was a free choice in the song theme, I chose this super cute Country Cottage Needleworks Merry Christmas from the 2011 JCS Ornament issue. I think it fits lots of Christmas songs. 

Stitched on 18 count Aida in the called for DMC threads. 

Can wait to see everyone's progress!

Sunday 2 April 2023

Gwen: March

 Well February wizzed right past me but I was able to get my second ornament of the year done. I am working my way through Annie Beez's Forkart 12 days of Christmas Stockings. I have a start on #3. Can I get 2 done in April? Keeping my fingers crossed.


Wednesday 15 March 2023

Suzanne's March Ornament


Hello Everyone! 

I stitched this Forest Tree Ornament by Graphs by Barbara & Cheryl, Inc. found in the 2000 JCS Ornament issue. I'm continuing with the song theme - White Christmas. This reminds me of both the song and big Christmas tree from the end of the movie. I was all ready to create my blog post when I noticed that I didn't stitch all the white. I took the ornament apart and finished stitching. Why couldn't I have noticed that when I was ironing, putting it together or taking its picture? 

I can't wait to see everyone's stitching this month. Take Care!

Thursday 9 March 2023

Kaye: February 2023 post

  Hello Lovely Christmas Elves, 

Well, I am happy to report that I had great success with all four themes this month - Woo Hoo! 🎉

So, without anymore ado, here we go....


This is my ongoing piece designed by Keen Stitch: (sorry about the lack of ironing)


This design is by Lila's Studio and is from one of her Spirit of Christmas Ornament series. I bought it online from her Etsy shop.


This is Frosty Christmas Tree by Luhu's Stitches, you can find it on page 78 of the JCS 2020 Christmas Ornie Mag. I personalised it by adding more pink colour variation and beading. I am quite pleased with how I FFOed it (not really my forte, but I try!).

I am rather in love with this backing fabric, too.


Now, this is a finish that I am really proud of as I amalgamated a couple of designs and changed other things around (the singer, the wording, the beading on the lamp post and I played with colour with the blue dress). 

So, I amalgamated these two designs:

They are both from the 2015 JCS Christmas Ornie Mag, #1 is Dear Santa by The Little Stitcher and #7 is Christmas Carols by Mani di Donna.

I stitched the lamp post and little dog from #7, adding a sprinkling of snow and a vine made of beads and added more musical notes all in black.  From #1 I used the top border, changed the wording to Deck the Halls and using the girl mailing a letter as the basis for the carol singer. I felt quite inventive! Thanks to the two designers for the inspiration.

I then framed it in a find from my local TK MAXX (only AUD$10) - a bargain.

Best of luck with all of your Christmas stitching this year.


Monday 27 February 2023

Cathy's February Ornament

My ornaments this year will be coming from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issues.  My February Ornament is from the 2020 issue.

This is Deer in the Forest by Saving Grace Fine Needle Arts (Elizabeth Spurlock).


Friday 24 February 2023

Cathy's January Ornament

I decided to join this SAL for the first time in several years.  I'm going to stitching ornaments from the JCS Special Ornament Issues.  For January, the chosen issue is for the year 2018 and I've chosen to stitch Santa's Hat and Boots on a scrap of 25-count Lugana, 1 over 1.

Friday 17 February 2023

Suzanne's February Ornament


I'm continuing with the Christmas Song theme - Sleigh Ride. This simple stitch was from Country Living Magazine, December 2019. The magazine has a cross stitch pattern each month that you can find here:

It's been a rainy day here and I did quite a few finishes today. 

I hope everyone has been well and I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching.

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Kaye: January Post

 Hello Lovely Christmas Elves, 

Well, I attempted to finish something for all four themes this month but only had success with two of them. 😢

For Theme One, I found this great design on Etsy by Keenstitch, which you can find here.  It has been a lot of stitching of red happening (hence my only finishing two themes in January) but the next eleven months will be a breeze!

My other finish is for Theme Three: Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament Magazine for 2018.  The design which I chose was "Noel" by JBW Designs on p.22 of the magazine. I used my own choice of floss and added some beading to the wreath.  The ribbon that I used to trim it is actually metallic, so the finished piece has quite a nice shine to it.

I did begin my stitching for Theme Four: "A Christmas Carol" - Tiny Tim.  I found this gorgeous design on Etsy by Prim Stitcher Shoppe, which you can find here.

This is how much I have stitched of the design so far: 

And this is what the finished design will eventually look like:

Finally, for Theme Two: "Christmas Songs" - The Little Drummer Boy, I have kitted up (I had to wait for the pattern to arrive from the U.S.) another JBW Design: Sing a Song of Christmas XI: Little Drummer Boy.

So, hopefully both of these will make a late appearance sometime this year - 🤣🤣🤣

Best of luck with all of your Christmas stitching this year.