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Monday 25 June 2018

June 2018

My friends, thank you for the beautiful words in the last post! Everyone enjoyed me :-)
Here is my post on June:

We are half behind. I'm looking forward to the second half :-)
I wish you cheerful xxxxxx!


Wednesday 13 June 2018

Mary's May and June Ornaments

Sorry I skipped May, friends! Here are my May "Herald Angels" from Mill Hill:

 And here is my "Good King" (Balthazar) for June, also from Mill Hill:

These are a bit of a "shoe horn" and I hope you don't mind, but I do need to keep clearing out my Mill Hill stash!

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Serendipitous Jo's June Six Geese a'Laying

I have chosen the 12 Days of Christmas theme again this year and Just Nan's version is my design.  I started this on Christmas Day 2017 and stitched it for the 12 Days of Stitchmas.

I have continued to stitch one block per month but kept forgetting to post pictures.  So here is a recap of the last three months:

Four Calling Birds:

Five Gooooooolllllllllllllllllddddddddddddddddd Rings:

Six Geese a'Laying:

And the whole piece so far:

stitched on 32 count Vintage Grain linen

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Tamra's April White Christmas

Hi All,  Catching up on my ornament stitching.  For April's White Christmas ornament I choose Prairie Schooler's The Night Before Christmas from Cross Stitch Collection magazine Issue 243.

Saturday 2 June 2018

Faith's June Ornament

Here we are... another month (can you believe it is June already) and another rule!

If you can get everyone to follow this rule for the entire season you are doing great and you will have to share your secret!

Christmas Rules
No Pouting
Rule Six
Designer - Lizzie*Kate

 and here is the piece thru this rule.

We are halfway thru the year and I am keeping on pace so this SHOULD be hanging in my home as a banner/wall hanging by Christmas this year! So glad Kaye made this group to help push me along with my Christmas stitching. 

Thanks for looking and for all the
comments left on my previous posts!