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Sunday 14 January 2024

 It's hard to believe it's been a full quarter of a year since I last posted.  I admit it was busy, full of woe  and ill health.  Most of which I will not bother to report.

The woe portion is the death of two friends.  Melinda and I belonged to the same stitch group for a long number of years.  She left us in November.  The other was the more recent death of Carol Lake, a well-known needlework teacher whom I became friends with over the years of teaching.

In October I did get sick and went to the doctor which started a longish journey of blood works and other tests to include an ultrasound.  In the long run, I got my gall bladder out in early January.  By the time I got to see the surgeon in late December, he was surprised it had not burst and then got me scheduled as soon as possible.  Ironically the only cancellation that happened was the patient scheduled immediately before me on the day of the surgery.  Recovery is going well.  And the weather is cold  (-3 today) so I stay in which helps the recovery as well.

I now have a way to work around the awful glasses that I have and whatever the problem is with my eyes.  I now wear a pair of "peepers", hold the fabric up close and have my Ott light right there almost on top of things, then I can stitch, slowly.  Meanwhile I can't see anything else literally.  I have to raise up the glasses to see to change a tv channel, to see someone else (like one of the cats).  But I am stitching some now.  

I am also crocheting which I can do with out the peepers and with the awkward glasses.  Last year I stitched 3 prayer shawls, each being about 30 in wide by 65 inches long, as well as 5 preemie blankets and 1 scarf for the homeless.

I decided to start the new year with a new project and go back later in the year for The Potter's Shed and a few smaller things I had started and not finished.

Here is A Plant of Rapid Growth:

This is the cover photo.
I changed the fabric
I have used DMC for some of the overdyes

progress shots

As of this morning

The start of the 1st prayer shawl for 2024

And that's the scoop for today.

Today is also SAL day for me.  Please check out these other stitchers: