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Sunday, 11 September 2022

DJ's September stitching

Hello fellow stitchers!  It's been a crazy ride here, but I was able to finish up my September ornaments.  I'm hoping I can keep up until the end of the year, things keep happening that slow my stitching down a bit...Like my Granddaughter's first birthday yesterday.  

Anyway, here goes!  First up is 12 Days of Stitching and I stitched 9 Ladies Dancing from the 2001 Cross Stitch Designs.  These are so much fun to stitch!  Stitched on 32 count Ice Blue over two.

Next up is the designated year category.  For this month the year was 2015.  I chose to stitch Give Love for Christmas by Legacy Designs.  It's stitched on 32 count Clay over two.  

The last category I'm stitching is the Nutcracker and this month the subject was Hares.  I chose to stitch Baby Hare from the 2001 Cross Stitch Designs book.  It was stitched on 32 count Natural over two.  We have a new member of our DIL's family so I thought I would stitch this as a Christmas gift for him.  

That's it for all the categories...I hope everyone is healthy and safe.  My heart goes out to the British people and the Royal Family.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.  *Hugs*

Saturday, 10 September 2022

Suzanne's September Ornaments


I've been working on the Nutcracker Theme this month. My sampler didn't have any hares so I went to my Just Cross Stitch Magazines for inspiration. 

First is Snow Bunny by Cross My Heart from the JCS 2002 Ornament Issue

I stitched this on 14 count blue Aida nd left the larger border off because it's already quite large at 4x4. 

My second bunny is Good Tidings to You by The Sampler Girl from the JCS 2011 Ornament Issue.

I had stitched the little bunny part before but never the whole ornament. 

I also worked on my Gazette 94 Twelve Days of Christmas. I had finished stitching number 4 last month, but forgot to post it. Here is both 4 and 5. I mixed up the thread color on the rings but decided to keep going. 


I also fully finished both of the Gentle Pursuits Designs - Christmas Eve in Old Salem from the JCS 2004 issue. I shared the stitching only in May of this year. I had a lot of ideas for these but went very simple so not to take away from the specialty stitches. I make houses or door themed ornaments for two of my nieces each year since they've bought their homes. 

I hope you all are well and I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching this month.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Gwen: August 2022

7 Swans
Celebration of Needlework 

8 Maid A Milking
Celebration of Needlework
I'm posting July and August now. I thought I had posted July last month but I can't find that post. I finished the stitching on 8 Maids but I haven't stuffed it yet. After stuffing I plan to attach a bow to the top. Bows and I are not friends so it may take me a few tries. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Suzanne's August Ornament Stitching

 Hello! This month was free choice for both the Nutcracker and JCS themes. I worked on more of my Nutcracker sampler. Filling in little bits that don't fit any theme. 

I stitched up this cute Gingerbread House from the JCS Nov/Dec 2011 issue. It was designed by Ursula Michaels using Sullivan threads which I substituted with DMC. 
I hope everyone is doing well. Take Care!

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Serendipitous Jo's August Ornament

Once again I am following the 12 Days of Christmas theme.  This year I am stitching the Jardin Prive 12 Days as my monthly project.  

This is Day 8:

stitched on 32 count Millenium Blue linen

I decided I ought to start FFO'ing them before the end of the year!

The backing is some tartan leatherette my friend used to make hairbows.  It is sparkly!

I mounted the stitching on some thick card, cut a piece of the backing to size and then whip stitched them together, remembering to sew the tartan ribbon tag in place.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

DJ's August stitching

Hi Everybody!  

I've been madly stitching away and having a very productive month!  We've had some whacky weather that has kept me inside stitching....between the wild thunder storms, and the crazy heat, I barely step foot out my door these days.  Anyway...without further's what I've been stitching...  First up is the 12 Days of Christmas...and for this month I've stitched 8 Maids a Milking.  These are from the book 2001 Cross Stitch Designs.  I just love these cute little designs!  

Next is the designated year category.  I chose something from the 2011 Ornament issue as this month was a free choice.  This is Peace Ornament by Keepsake Stitches.  It should have been stitched on a medium green fabric, but since I'm trying to stitch from stash this year, I chose this 36 count clay...I'm sure it would have looked better on the green.  

Last is the Nutcracker series.  I'm not sure what I'm doing with this category...haha.  Since it was also a free choice month I chose to do a rocking horse.  This was in the World of Cross Stitch magazine issue number 314 included in a Nutcracker series.  I've decided to give this to my granddaughter's cousin for Christmas.  I think she will like it after it's finished.  

Well I guess that's all that's fit to print.  I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my posts, they have been so encouraging and I appreciate every one!  I hope everyone is keeping safe and happily stitching!  

Monday, 1 August 2022

Serendipitous Jo's May, June and July Ornaments

 Once again I am following the 12 Days of Christmas theme.  This year I am stitching the Jardin Prive 12 Days as my monthly project.  I have kept up-to-date with the stitching, but not the posting here!

This is Day 5:

Here is Day 6:

And the latest one, Day 7:

I'm using a gorgeous 32 count linen called Millenium Blue (Day 7 photo is colour-accurate) and Anchor threads.  

I'm planning to finish these as individual ornaments.