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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Creating Beauty Lady Stitcher- 9th Day of Christmas

                9 LADIES DANCING
                      Design by Margaret Sherry

     Our August contestant is our own Miss Piglet representing 9 Ladies dancing. Isn't she a beauty!  She shows such poise in her tutu and toe shoes. The flowers on her head show her elegant movement so wonderfully!


     Changing charted colors, and using coordinating outline color is starting to come easier.  The first thing that I changed was her skin tones, beautiful Terra Cottas.  Then as I was stitching her first toe shoe the contrast between the White and Baby Blue used was so striking that it just looking odd to me. So I looked through my stash, and I came up with Ultra Light Baby Blue. It looks a bit like shading, with just a hint of blue. 
     Next up were the flowers. There is already a lot of white, and I didn't really think that it needed more. So I traded the white for pink, and the pink for lavender. I also put in French knots to make the blossoms stand out. As I stitched I discovered so many mistakes. Some I frogged, and others I just worked in.
      I outlined the Very Light Cranberry in her skirt with Medium Cranberry, and the Cranberry in the letter with Very Dark Rose. The Ultra Very Light Antique Blue in her leotard is outlined with Dark Baby Blue. The Ultra Very Light Baby Blue, and White in her toe shoes with Very Dark Baby Blue. The French knots used for her eyes are also Very Dark Baby Blue.  Her head, arms, snout, and ears are outlined in Very Dark Terra Cotta.  With French knots of the same color in her snout.
      I chose Garnet for my lettering as it blends well with the overall feel. 

     I hope that you enjoy her as much as I have. I also hope that your stitching days are easy and the frogs stay far away. Unless of course they show up in time to change up a color like mine did for me. 

                X  - Creating Beauty Lady Stitcher


Mary H said...

I love it! The colors you chose are perfect! The this is such a cute little picture, it brings a smile to my face! Well done!

Khristine Doiron said...

Adorable!! And I loved hearing more about how you change your colors.

Lili said...

She is very sweet, love her ballet shoes!

Stitching Noni said...

Love your finish! Your colour changes are perfect!

Bea said...

She's wonderful! I think your colour choices are excellent and she is very much your own personal dancer.