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Monday, 24 August 2015

Serendipitous Jo's August Ornie

As we have another Jo in the group I thought I'd better use my blog name so you know which one of us is posting!  Jo is such a popular name we do need to identify ourselves LOL.

Thank you to Kaye for setting up the Christmas Ornie SAL Blog and thinking up some great themes.  I like that she has made the first year nice and open, my shoe-horn will not be required this year at least.

I have been collecting the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Specials since 2011 and they will be my main source of charts and inspiration.  Every year I spend hours drooling over the photos and making lists of my favourite designs and then rarely actually stitching any of them!  From now on, all that will change.  I have both the back issues CDs as well.

This design is from the JCS 2012 Christmas Special and is called Santa's Hat Sampler by Knotted Tree Needleart.  KTN have also designed two similar Hallowe'en charts of which I have stitched one so far.  Followers of my own blog will know that I am much more of a spooky stitcher than a festive one.

stitched on 32count green linen

The model was stitched using GAST on a raw linen fabric but I used the DMC conversion on green linen.  I changed the parcel colour to make it brighter and also the yellow stitches in the border.  I alternated them with the bright red from the hat (817) to make it look more festive,   This is quite a quick stitch, a day for the design and another day for the border.  Now I know why I usually skip the borders or simplify them.  At least this was an easy one to stitch mindlessly.

I have chosen my Tree design for next month already and the Snowman for November too.  Can you believe how organised I am?  They are both in the same series so will make a nice companion piece for each other,

I scrapbook most of my Smalls and I'm hoping for a new scrapbook just for my Christmas stitchings.  Once I mount this one I will show you all.


Melanie said...

Loving this design X

Justine said...

Very nice Jo! I like doing borders - the more mindless the better!

Annie said...

I love the way you did the border - really festive! And well worth the time, I think:)

Kate said...

Beautiful finish, Jo! I love the changes you made. I'll have to get that issue this year; I've seen them in the past but never bought them.

Kaisievic said...

Great design (but maybe a minor bit of shoehorning here, hmmm?) and lovely stitching. Thanks for taking part in the SAL and being such a big help with setting it up. xoxox

Brigitte said...

A beautiful finish for this month.
I am the same with the JCS ornament issues - I buy them each year and love browsing through them again and again but rarely ever stitch any of them. I hope to change this as well during this SAL :)

Bea said...

That's a great ornie and beautifully stitched, of course.

Cathy said...

Nice finish! I have every ornament issue from the beginning, but have only stitched one or two ornaments.

Marcy said...

Nicely done! I love the changes you made. Your border pops!

Stitching Noni said...

Very clever!!! Santa's Hat, what a great idea :o)
Such a quick stitch too... and well done on being so organised - I still haven't managed to plan next month's stitching yet!!
Hugs xx

kate n said...

Scrapbooking smalls is a really good idea, and not one I had thought of, I will look forward to seeing that post. Its a great design and its always nice when you can personalise them.