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The Twelve Days of Christmas Stash Enabling Page....

One of our fellow revellers (dearest Jo from Serendipitous Stitching) thought it might be a good idea to Enable you all to buy a Twelve Days of Christmas or two pattern to help feed your addiction you find that perfect design for you to stitch.  So, here goes, in no particular order.....

First up is the gorgeous Freebie design of the Twelve Days of Christmas by Plum Street Samplers...

Click on this link to find the design.

Next up are designs that you can buy.

These designs below, can all be found by clicking on this link: Search for The Twelve Days of Christmas on 123 Stitch  (now a lot of these designs may be found on other online stores but this is just to give you an idea - feel free to shop elsewhere, of course).

Click on this link to buy the following design:

Erica Michaels (although not sure where you can buy her designs)

Michaela Learner on Etsy...

Click on this link to buy the fabulous Cross-eyed Cricket Designs:

Click on this link to find the FB page of the fabulous Dragon Dreams and scroll down through the photos to find her 12 Dragonlets of Christmas.

Click on this link to got to the website of the fabulous Cottage Garden Samplings and scroll down the list on the right hand side to see each of their 12 Days of Christmas Designs - there is also a tab at the top for finding out their stockists.

And here is another 12 Days of Christmas from Sue Hillis (currently being stitched by Gwen in 2017).

You can find this fabulous Satsuma Street design on Etsy here (it's an instant download!)


  1. What an awesome idea LOL
    Dragons Dreams have the 12 Dragonlets of Christmas on their Facebook page.
    Look under "photos" and scroll through.

  2. The Cross Eyed Cricket do a series of four booklets with three designs in each:

  3. Alma Lynne does a 12 Days Chart too.