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Monday, 24 August 2015

Don't forget.....

.... to post your August Ornie by the 31st.  If you do, you have a chance to win this great pattern from my stash;

A Christmas design called "Encore une et J'arrete!"  ("One more and I'll stop) by La Sylphide Toquee (part of the stash I bought cheap from The ThreadBasket before Valerie closed her online shop down).

So, if you haven't finished your ornie yet and/or haven't posted - get those needles smoking!



  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kaye! What a lovely design! I have the stitching done but still hoping to get the finishing done this week.

  2. That's a terrific design - and so much every stitcher I've ever met, no matter what kind of needlework they do!

  3. Love this design, Kaye! I've finished stitching my Santa (posted awhile ago)...hope to have him as an ornament post haste

  4. My Santa is almost finished but I'm not sure I can post here yet.

  5. lindo trabalho parabens um abraço do Brasil

  6. I love this design :o)
    Luckily I posted in time to be in the draw!! Nothing like a good carrot to make the donkey follow..... if only some of my other WIP's had a carrot to follow as well - I might have some more finishes happening!! :o)
    Hugs xx