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Saturday, 22 August 2015

August Christmas ornament finished!

Hello fellow SALers!

I finished the stitching part of my Christmas ornament for August a few days ago. The chart I used was The night before Christmas by The Prairie Schooler. I enjoyed stitching it immensely:) The original chart had 'Merry Christmas' stitched at the top, but since I am Swedish I decided to stitch the Swedish equivalent, GOD JUL:) I also had some decisions to make about the snowflakes in the design. My original plan was to use beads, but I didn't have any matching white ones. Then I tried to use white DMC Pearlescent...

...but I didn't think the snowflakes stood out enough. In the end I chose DMC Satin thread and then it looked like this when I had finished the stitching part of the ornament.

 I have had a bit of anxiety about the FINISHING part of the process, but in the end I decided to use my sewing machine and a bit of white lace. This is the end result:

It is not perfect; the lace is stretched a bit too tight in the corners. The back is very boring and not so pretty but here it is...

Here's picture in another light where you can make out the snowflakes better:)

Still, maybe I'll try to use glue for the finishing details on the next ornament, since I'm not all together happy about the way this ornament turned out.

Speaking of the next ornament, I have not decided what I am going to stitch yet. I guess I'll have to browse through my stash again..:)

Finally, since we all love Christmas here, I'll share this festive photo of two of my furbabies with you! Enjoy!



  1. Lovely personalised Ornie. I saw a technique where the person crocheted a lace border around her Ornie.

  2. Annie, the finishing looks great to me and I love the way you have personalised it with Got Jul. A very pretty finish.

  3. Looks great! I love your changes and your finish looks good to me. I would love to try a lace border but I'm chicken.

  4. Love the changes you made. I've never tried to finish an ornament with a trim so you're way ahead of me.

  5. Still thinks it looks great. At least it's a finish

  6. What a lovely ornament this is, Annie. I just love it.

  7. That is a lovely ornament and the finish looks great to me. I love that you've added your personal touches. Happy hunting for your next pattern!

  8. Your finishing looks perfect to me! I love the changes you made to this gorgeous design.

  9. Love your stitching and LOVE your furbabies!

  10. Great job! The "finishing" bit is always where I struggle too.... I like your red and white check on the back - it looks fine to me :o)
    Your Xmas puppies are so cute!
    Hugs xx

  11. Beautiful finish, Annie :-) I love PS Santas. Your finishing job is wonderful; I have trouble with that part. Love the picture of your furbabies!