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Saturday, 12 September 2015

My sparkly Christmas tree!

Hello Xmas SALers!

The theme for this month caused me some trouble. Although I absolutely love Christmas trees and Xmas gifts, I couldn't find a single chart that I fancied stitching. I even considered giving this month's theme a miss - can you imagine?!! Thankfully, in the end I found a little leaflet of charts from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, and in it was a simple design of a Xmas tree using a few cross stitches and some blackwork. What makes the design special is the fact that the whole tree is stitched with metallics:)

In the original chart gold and red metallic threads were used, but since I didn't have any suitable gold threads I decided to switch the gold for green metallics instead. I hoped it would work since the Xmas tree normally is green anyway lol.

Today I made a start:

Since it is stitched with DMC metallics it is quite a slow process. I can only stitch with short threads so it's lots of starts and stops... However, I am quite pleased with my process and it actually looks quite nice and sparkly:) Most of all, I am very pleased that I, at last, found an ornament to stitch for this month!

Have fun with all your Xmas ornaments!



  1. Nice start. I found a great tree design and have started today. It's not a traditional Christmas Tree but in a way it is!

  2. Nice start! I'm still trying to decide what to stitch this month. Guess I'd better get busy.

  3. It looks fabulous to me, well done - lots of brownie points for perseverance and ingenuity.

  4. Are the metallics hard to work with. Do they fray easily

    1. Yes, and yes! I don't particularly like DMC metallics since they are quite springy and definitely fray easily; hence the very short threads... I have found Kreinik much easier to stitch with, but I didn't have any in the right shades.

  5. It looks great! Worth sticking with the metallics. I've never tried DMC metallics but I've heard Kreinik is much nicer, and I struggle with that!

  6. I too, had a time finding a chart I wanted to stitch. Found one started it then found another a few days later that I liked better, LOL! The sparkly tree looks great!

  7. Great start! Your tree is going to look gorgeous when finished :o)
    Hugs xx

  8. Great choice. I had the same problem when looking for a tree chart. But I think it's still time to go through some magazines and find one.

  9. Those metallic threads look really good and definitely make the effort worthwhile. Its lovely.

  10. That is a terrific tree! Great choice.