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Friday, 13 May 2016

Serendipitous Jo's May Ornament - Reindeer

I've been stitching the Primitive Hare Christmas Cubes for my ornies this year.  But there isn't a Cube which fits this month's theme of Reindeer.  So that gave me the excuse to finally start a series I have been hoarding for about five years!  Daffycat's annual reindeer freebie!

Jinglebell Reindeer from 2008

I didn't stitch him twice but I couldn't decide which photo looked better.  The colours are more accurate in the top one but you can see him better in the bottom one.

I stitched him over one on 28 count silvered white evenweave using the following colours:

Brown - 801
Green - 3346
Red - 815
Beads - 40557

I changed the red and green because colours can look different when you stitch over one and I wanted them to be a little brighter.

The reindeer himself took exactly one hour to stitch.  I timed myself.  The border took longer because my son came home from school and there were snack interruptions and I was needed to read the subtitles on a YouTube clip to him!

I have enough fabric to stitch eight of them, there are nine so far.  I plan to stitch six of them and finish into a cube ornament and hope that Daffycat does three more so I can have two cubes!  If not, then I will "flip" three of them and stitch them reversed.  I will have to get some more fabric though.


  1. Love your plans for the reindeer series.

  2. Love the fabric. The idea of a cube is excellent and will look terrific.

  3. I love that reindeer even more stitched over 1!! So sweet! Great idea to finish them as a cube :)

  4. Beautiful. Love the design and fabric.

  5. I have always loved Duffycat's reindeer designs. Lovely stitching, Jo.