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Friday, 3 January 2020

Welcome to our two new members....

"No blog for me.  I work full time and enjoy handcrafts.  I have been knitting for likely 30 years but my first foray into crafts like many people was cross stitch.  I always enjoyed it but gave it up when it seemed to have to place to go other than in frames.  I was not well aware of finishers etc.
Last year I decided I really wanted to give it a go again and lo and behold found floss tube which has been immensely helpful in terms of getting reconnected.  Funny enough after that, I discovered that my son who lives @ 4 hours away, had a local shop near him and I went in.  I was so impressed at how much stitching had changed with cloths that were no Aida and I was hooked.  Its all been uphill from there."

"I am in two EGA chapters and was president of one and program co chair of another.   I am no longer working, been married to my hubby for 42 years, live in San Jose, CA, no kids.   I have an ornament exchange party, this was the 36th one.  

I  have been stitching about 40 years and learned in a small eclectic store in Phx. that no longer exists.

I love lots of cross stitch designers!  They are all unique and offer their own thing to me.  Right now I am doing a Durene Jones design but don't really have 1 favorite.
I don't have a blog but sure subscribe to lots of them.

I am on Instagram but had trouble logging in the other day.

I am in tons of FB cross stitch groups, LLN and CCN, Crazy Annie's, EGA, Lucie Heaton, Durene Jones, Hands on Designs, are just a few.

I am working on a Durene Jones ornament now to see if I want to make it for my ornament party next year.  

I saw this SAL on the Big List of SALS sent by Craft Gossip.

I love Christmas and SAL's, sounds right  up my alley!

Just want to join and share and see what others are doing.

I am learning how to post pics, still need to work on that, my new years resolution."

I think that both these ladies found out about the Christmas Ornie SAL via this list of 2020 SALs:

It is well worth having a look.

Also, I have created a new badge for the SAL for 2020, please feel free to download and add it to the sidebar of your blog.

On a sadder note, I would like to ask for your prayers for those affected by the almost apocalyptic bushfires that we are currently experiencing in Australia. A number of people have lost their lives and many more have lost their homes.

Click on the two images below to read articles about the size of the bushfires and the extent of the devastation.

Many species of Australian animals are at risk due to the sheer size of the fires, including our beloved koalas:

Luckily, TraderVic and I are safe at the moment here in Eaglemont, although only three or four suburbs away a few metropolitan suburbs were at risk last weekend.

So, please send your prayers out to all those brave firefighters and to the families who have lost family members and/or their homes.



Khristine Doiron said...

Welcome Jayne and Kim! Looking forward to seeing which ornaments you choose to stitch :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Welcome to the Blog! Looking forward to seeing which themes you decide to follow this year.

Suzanne H said...

Welcome to the blog Jayne and Kim! There is always lovely stitching here and great inspiration for stash enhancement!! My thoughts and prayers are with Australia.