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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rita's Aug. 2016 Ornament

Despite being absent from here for a while, I haven't fallen off the surface of the earth.  I have, however, been doing a lot of traveling lately.  Since our first grandbaby was born in mid-March, I've been to CA 3 times to visit and help with her (staying about 2 weeks each time), San Diego once with DH on a work trip, HI (to visit with my brother's and sister's families and help out with summer day care for my niece and nephew) for almost 3 weeks, and a quick trip with my DS (who was visiting from Denmark) to OH to visit with my parents.  It's been a lot of fun but it's good to be home.

While gone I either didn't have the time, energy, or good lighting to do much stitching so I've been making up for lost time since coming home.  I've been working on a big sampler, stitched my Halloween ornament for our "sister" blog, and stitched my August ornament for here.  This one is from Pinoy Stitch.  I ordered it from Craftsy and when I tried to download it, by some glitch, the wrong pattern downloaded.  I'm so pleased to report that shortly after I contacted Pinoy Stitch, the glitch was corrected.  (I always like to hear/read consumers' experiences.  I'm just glad this was a good one.)


  1. That's a cute Christmas sweater and lovely stitching.

  2. This is such a very cute ornament - it fits the theme perfectly!

  3. How sweet!! I need to stitch a Christmas sweater! Great choice!