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Monday, 11 December 2017

2018 Blog Badge

Showing some amazing organisational abilities (not! lol!), I have actually managed to create next year's badge early (it is really just me procrastinating about having to open up my suitcase and take some things out as I have, naturally, packed way too much!).

So, anyway, introducing next year's badge.....

Please feel free to download it and link to this blog.

(if you are curious as to how I made this gorgeous badge - I used picmonkey.  It is an online tool that allows you to play around with your images - cool, hey?)

Now, remember, we are off on our big European adventure in less than 48 hours now (and I have managed to take a tumble in the garden down some steps and hit my head on a metal garden arch - chasing one of the kitty cats, of course - I have a big bump on my head, scrapes, aches, grazes and bruises and a headache the size of the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus I am just getting over a very sore throat - but will any of that stop me from getting on that plane on early Thursday am - no way!  I cannot wait to see my daughter after eighteen months!).

So, we are off on a big five week trip to Europe  (London to see DD, Christmas with DH's cousins in Sicily, Rome, Southern Spain and Dubai!). 

If you want to follow my travels - you will find them at these places:

FB: Kaye De Petro
Instagram: Kaisievic

lots of Christmassy hugs, 

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Khristine Doiron said...

Love this years picture! Did you stitch it? Hope you are having a lovely time on your trip and that you have healed from your fall. I am desperately trying to catch up and should have more stitching time now that the holidays are here :)