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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March - 3rd Day of Christmas / 3 Turtle Doves by Margaret Sherry

   March is the time for the 3rd Day of Christmas, and 3 Turtle Doves. I'm enjoying stitching Margaret Sherry's 12 Days.

   I make my own through mistakes that I leave in, and work around. Thread colors that I change because I don't have it. Or in the case of the beret in this month's chart, I have just chosen to use Very Dark Pewter Grey rather than Black.

    I've also chosen to use more color in my "Backstitching" to highlight.  I used Very Dark Pewter Grey, Very Dark Salmon, as well as the Dark Coffee Brown that is charted.

   Margaret Sherry's French Hen is simple in it's design and colors. It's been fun to stitch, and very relaxing. 

   Here is a picture I pulled off the internet of her design.

   My version of 3Turtle Doves.  It looks like one of the French Knots for an eye is a little loose, and needs to be fixed. Overall it turned out pretty well. I'm happy. I also noticed that my backstitching along the outside of the bread isn't showing up for some reason. It is there however.

These are the progress photos. One for each day that I actually stitched.

   I know that it isn't much of a tip, but for me it works well. My backstitching always seems lumpy, and doesn't lay flat. When I can I use a running stitch instead. I stitch every other stitch until I reach the end. Then I turn and fill in the missing stitches. They lay much flatter for me. I hope this helps you in some way.

   Until next month fellow stitchers. May your stitches lay flat, and the frogs stay far away.

                                  XX's - Renee' 


  1. You did a great job!! And great tip too :)

  2. Great work. I do use a running stitch sometimes, it seems to work for me.

  3. I love this hen - so chic, so French, so ooh la la!

  4. Great work!! So cute your french hen!! :)

  5. You were doing a great job. I also prefer the running stitch instead of the backstitch, if possible.

  6. I just love your French Hen Renee and the changes you made look great especially that beret! Congrats on the great finish.