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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Serendipitous Jo's February Turtles Doves

I have completed the second block of Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas:

It didn't take long at all because so much of it had been done for the 12 Days SAL at Christmas.  Here is the whole piece so far:

You can see where I am diligently stitching the gold metallic on either side of the red border.  I had used up one of the two skeins provided before I was even half-way done and it was obvious I would need more.  I emailed Design Works on Friday 3rd February with a photo of my progress and explaining the need for another skein of metallic thread.  They replied within the hour promising to send one.  Which arrived on Tuesday 7th February.  At first I assumed they had asked a UK stockist to send it, but no, the skein came all the way from the US in just four days, two of which were a weekend!   That's good service for you. 


  1. Well done Jo! This piece is looking amazing :o)
    Wow... that was amazing customer service from the Design Works people!

  2. Oh my, Jo, I love this design.
    Great customer service that you experienced.

  3. They are so cute! And that is super customer service! Between this project and that mystery faces sampler that she put out last year or the year before I think I am turning into a Joan Elliot fan! :)

  4. That is fabulous service and your two turtle doves are quite lovely.

  5. I love this design, and hope to stitch it one day. This is beautiful. Well done!

  6. They are lovely. That's super customer service.

  7. That is so pretty!
    Glad you received great customer service! When I hear stories like that, that company moves up on my list of preferred customers.