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Monday, 27 February 2017

Mary's Mill Hill Harp

Friends, I had to give up temporarily on my gorgeous Turtle Doves. And so I present my back up choice, Harp from Mill Hill's musical instrument series. I only have the drum and violin left to complete in this set (I plan to do the drum for December!) This is such a pretty series!

So, about Turtle Doves. For one thing, I bit off more than I could chew in a short month! For another, the linen I picked was too light for the doves to stand out. I have done this several times now on various projects, picking linen that is too light in color for the image to show up! Argh! But I had already done a bit of the stitching that I am happy with, the words and flowers, and I do love the linen. So I found a darker gray for the doves and I will pick it out and go with the darker doves on the lighter linen. But I can't do it right now! Anyway-see what I mean about the dove being too light?

Next month I will do something manageable! I didn't think I had anything for the lights theme but then look! I do! I LOVE Mill Hill kits! They are so satisfying to stitch!


  1. Your harp is so lovely!
    What thread are you using for the doves? It's lovely, maybe you can backstitch the doves for highlight more...Or pick another floss colour...
    Great choice for March ornament!

  2. I stitched the trumpet in this series last year, they are fun.
    Shame about the turtle doves.

  3. Lovely harp and look how organised you are, you now have December sorted - lol! Great choice for March, too. Shame about the turtle doves but they will look lovely in a darker grey.

  4. I love your harp! The thread you used for the the lettering on two turtle doves is so very pretty, glad you were able to find a darker grey for the doves and were able to salvage all you had already stitched. Can't wait to see you snowman next month :)

  5. Oh my, how lovely the harp looks. And the Mill Hill snowman will be just sweet.
    This has happened to me too that I stitched with light thread colours on light fabric. But then I usually use backstitches and the light motifs are easily visible.

  6. Beautiful harp! The other piece is looking good too. Sometimes I choose to back stitch a motif that isn't showing up on the fabric.

  7. Love your harp and so glad you can save your doves.