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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hello all

Hello all.
I am a latecomer to this SAL but so pleased to have found it and thank you to Kaye for allowing me to join you all.
My name is Frances and I live in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, U.K. 
I have just finished my January ornie. It isn't Christmassy but is music. I needed something I could do really quickly as I only joined a week ago. 
I haven't made it up as a friend who is staying really loves Native American things and has played the flute for years. I have given it to him as he wants to frame it as a picture.

Now I'm off to make a coffee and sort through patterns for a Christmassy snow ornie. Stay warm and safe everyone. The weather here is atrocious but is ideal to stay in and stitch. X 


  1. Hello Frances!
    Be VERY careful of that design, it's a Kokopelli, an ancient fertility symbol. I stitched one for a friend who was TTC and within the year she was pregnant! It's powerful magic. That and the jelly babies I sent her.
    If you visit my blog and click on Kokopelli in the links you'll find more information.

  2. That's lovely stitching - and we're pretty flexible with the rules and definitions around here. Kaye tries to make this a stress free zone.

  3. Welcome! I love your ornament.

  4. Great ornament!! I love the colors!

  5. Welcome to the group. And such a nice design that suits the music theme so well. Great stitching.

  6. Love your Kokopelli! Wonderful -

  7. Welcome!!
    Beautiful project. Love the border!

  8. Welcome to the group. Lovely stitching!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you all for your lovely welcome. Yes, I knew it was a kokopelli and about its fertility rites but guess I would be OK as I'm 63 (going on 35!). Then again stranger things have happened. ��X

    1. Haha, you can't be too careful! It really made my day when I found out my friend was pregnant after I sent her the gift :-)

  10. Welcome! I love your Kokopelli.... and I have enjoyed reading the comments about the fertility aspects of this little lady!
    Hugs xx