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Sunday, 1 November 2015

An Angelic Fail....

Yep, I failed!  So close but not quite close enough!

This is my Angel (or part there of).....

I know she looks a bit weird at the moment..... I have to find (order) the colour for her hair and locate some more of the colour of the shading around her wings, so I stitched what I could and then started backstitching the lower section.  I am not stitching the bottom of the dress as I need to keep this as a small design (further details on why later...).  You will probably notice that I changed the word "Joy" and stitched it in gold Kreinik.  I have also embellished her sleeve and head dress with green Kreinik just to bling it up a bit!!

For those of you that might like to know where this design came from.... she can be found in a very old Cross Stitch Christmas magazine (1999) - design is called "Joyful Angels Triptych" and is designed by Mona Eno.  I am stitching her on a piece of "Waratah" 32 count fabric from Stitches and Spice (an Australian online fabric store).

I will come back and post a finished pic once she is done.... and then hopefully she will look more angelic!

Til then, happy Christmas Stitching!
Hugs xx
Stitching Noni


  1. I wouldn't call it a failure, it's just bad circumstnaces, lol. Once you get the threads you will get her finished in no time.

  2. She's looking good! I love the red fabric which really sets her off. I didn't even start my ornie this month...

  3. I think she'll look great when you've had the chance to finish her.

  4. Looking' good. Isn't it frustrating when you run out of threads?? Kind of lose the mojo....but once they show up - BAM! Mojo's back!!

  5. A bald angel? Interesting! The red fabric is great and she will look lovely when she has some hair LOL

  6. She looks good even if she's not quite done. Love the floating headdress.