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Saturday 15 September 2018

Faith's September Ornament

My children swore that this rule happened every year on Christmas Eve. They would say 'Mom, do you hear that? I think I hear the bells on the reindeer!' So of course that is when all good Moms say 'Well you better hurry up and get in bed and go to sleep so Santa doesn't pass by our house!!'  I love the imagination and innocence of children when they are young, it is just a shame they lose it as they get older.

Christmas Rules
Listen for Reindeer
Rule Nine
Designer - Lizzie*Kate

The next rule will be for either the romantic in you or the shy person in you who wants to catch that special someone but don't know how to approach them! Personally I would be scared to attempt or the results for the second scenario but no risk, no reward!  

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Kaisievic said...

This is a great rule and I love your family story, Faith.

Mary said...

Very cute finish.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work. My son used to make us leave the carrot outside, as "reindeer don't come in the house, they wait outside"!

Khristine Doiron said...

So cute! Kids make Christmas so magical don't they :)