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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Faith's July Ornament

Here we are in July with another Rule. During the Holiday season  this one is almost IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. It seems if you are not shopping, you are baking, cooking or visiting and there is not a moment to spare. 

Christmas Rules
Keep the Schedule LightRule Seven
Designer - Lizzie*Kate

and here is how it looks now! 

The next rule is much more fun, I promise!

Thanks for looking and for all the
comments left on my previous posts!


  1. We keep the schedule light after the 24th when all the work is done! It's nice to have a few days to just chill out and play with the new toys/books/stitching stash.

  2. Very nice, Faith! It's really coming along! This will be so cute!

  3. I'm loving this! Beautifully chosen!

  4. You are very right! I say every year that I am going to have my wrapping done early and just enjoy the season but I am always finding more things to do right up until the last minute :) Your project is looking super!

  5. Very pretty. I have really enjoyed watching your project grow.