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Monday, 23 April 2018

A Chuch in the Snow

This is my ornament for April.  Since the Caroling theme was White Christmas, I looked for something with lots of snow and I'm very happy with what I found.  Instead of fabric, I used 14-count plastic canvas so with the addition of a hanger and backing it will be ready to go on my tree this year.

In looking ahead to future themes, does anyone have any ideas for Good King Wenceslas or God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen?  I'm drawing a blank at the moment.


  1. I like your thinking for this one... lots of snow!
    Can't help with ideas for the other 2 at this stage though - sorry ;o(

  2. Great choice! It looks awesome! And I had such a hard time with We Three Kings I don't even want to think about those other two. Ha!

  3. This is a lovely design, perfect for the theme.
    You could look at the words of the carols - maybe the Feast of Stephen could be food related? There are several designs with Christ Our Saviour or similar words in JCS.

  4. Hi Cathy, yes, I am finding Good King Wenceslas hard but I am going to draw a long bow - I found a sweet design in one of the JCS Christmas Ornie mags which has a deer in the woods with lots of snow - it looks like a scene that Good King Wenceslas might have seen as he was trudging through all that snow! Re Good rest ye Merry Gentlemen, if you look at the lyrics, there are lots of themes you can choose (babe in the manger, for example). Good luck!

  5. Your finish is perfect for this theme. It is so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful! I'm feeling stumped with those two songs too.