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Friday, 14 July 2017

Serendipitous Jo's July's Seven Swans-a-Swimming

I'm over half-way with the 12 Days of Christmas design now and I'm making great progress on the header and border too.  I am sure I can finish this design this year which would be awesome!

July is for Swans, just one again:

Here's where I was last month:

And here's where I am now, you can see I stitched nearly all the left hand border and did a good part of the left hand angel too:


  1. Just simply beautiful! This whole project is gorgeous! I think I say that every time! :)

  2. Is just one, but is so lovely!

  3. Look at you go!!! Great progress! And I just cannot get enough of the swirly writing :)

  4. Beautiful, Suzi.

  5. Your Swan looks so elegant!

  6. Jo, you are stitching this so beautifully. The swans look like a vintage post card. xxxx