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Saturday, 16 July 2016

A bit wonky but July's ornie is done ....

This was Finish #2 on my Road Trip to Roma stitching - you can read all about my trip to Outback Queensland on my main blog, starting with this post, if you are interested.  

I am not overly thrilled with how it has turned out - not the design's fault but mine!  I made an error somewhere near the start, didn't pick it up until it was way too late, so had to ditch the idea of a border and create this snow "hill" instead - now it is a bit of an odd shape - may have to make it a bell-shaped ornie, I think, when I Finish Finish it.  Although, some other interesting shapes have been suggested to me, as well.

Prairie Schooler Book #150
28 ct Ivory linen
Suggested DMC floss

I am so enjoying seeing what everyone else is stitching each month for the various themes.  Such beautiful stitching and such a great variety of ideas.

hugs, Kaye


  1. A nice pattern and finish. And why not make a bell-shaped ornie.?

  2. I hate when I don't notice a mistake until it is too late but I think your error will end up being a very interestingly shaped ornament, mine never end up looking that good :) It is very cute!

  3. Thanks, Khristine, you are so kind.

  4. Is very lovely! It is perfect! Sounds nice the bell shape! x

  5. No you had me very confused.... I thought I was seeing things but no... there is 2 posts! :o)