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Saturday, 17 June 2017

June - 6th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas
 Margaret Sherry 

       Our next beautiful lady is the 6th Day of Christmas, representing 6 Geese - a - laying.  Isn't she lovely!  I adore the color used, they are some of my favorite.  With shades of Lavender, Violet, Blue Green, and Green Blue.  She also has shades of Antique Blue, Pumkin, and Copper.  Along with her gorgeous White.  

   I've been feeling better.  Years ago I tried Naproxin for my migraine like my Doctor suggested.  Boy was that a joke.   I wasn't sure that it would help with my Fibromyalgia.  After a lot of reading, I gave it another try.  It has helped a lot!  It may take a couple of hours to feel well enough to start moving, but it has been worth it.  I was able to stitch this little lady up quickly.

As my usual, I change some charted color. 
    I used a Very Dark Lavender for the number,.  With Very Dark Violet to outline it, and to stitch my letters.  They came out so well that I really feel a need to change the outline, and lettering color on my 5 Gold Rings. It needs to be darker.
     I used White, and Ultra Light Antique Blue to stitch my goose. Very Dark Turquoise was used to make her lovely outline.
     Pale Pumkin, and Medium Light Topaz were used in the bill and feet.  Copper was used to outline them, making these stand out.
 Medium Aquamarine, and Light Seagreen were used for her colorful eggs.  Outlined in Very Dark Blue Green really made these pop.  Aren't they gorgeous!

I am excited about next months Lady.  I have no idea what changes will be made, but she will be a beauty.  

X     - Creating Beauty Lady Stitcher 


  1. Glad you discovered something that makes you feel a little bit better! And that is just the cutest little duck ever!

  2. Lovely stitching!
    So happy that you feel a little better!

  3. Great stitching, I love the way you have done the different colours for the backstitching.
    Glad that you are feeling better too.

  4. This is so cute! I love the colourway, too. So glad that your migraines are a bit better.

  5. So cute and so much personality!! The speckled eggs are especially nice!

  6. Yours looks wonderful! Love the color of fabric you used. So glad you are feeling a bit better.