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Friday, 4 August 2017

July - 7th Day of Christmas


                                                                   7  Swans-a-swimming

                                                                                  Designed by Margaret Sherry

                            This month I have the pleasure of introducing a lovely lady representing
                      our lovely swans.  She loves to swim, and is modeling the latest equipment
                      that are a must at the pond.  
                                   I decided that she needed a little bling, which I added to her swim cap. 
                       Stitching her was a joy. The colors are wonderful!  I of course changed 
                       the backstitch colors.  I rather like seeing the darker accent color, rather
                       than what was charted.  I'm enjoying making these ladies my own.

                                  My version of Margaret Sherry's  7th Day of Christmas.

                                                                   7 Swans-a-swimming  


                                                                       The charted version

                                                    She is pretty stitched either way.  

                          Up next month is another pretty lady representing all those Maids-a-milking. 
                    See you all next month. Until then:       
                                               May your needles fly, and the frogs stay away!

                                                     XX - Creating Beauty Lady Stitcher 


  1. Wow did the format change! It was so pretty! Ah well. Sorry about that.

  2. She turned out awesome!! I think I like the darker back stitching on this also :)

    1. Thank you. I do to. I used a really dark shade to contrast charmed colors. I like how it turns out for me more than the brown called for.

  3. Great work. I like to change up my backstitch too.

  4. Lovely stitching, very pretty colours! She is so cute!
    Happy stitching!

    1. Thank you Lilli. This series uses great coloring. I try to keep my outline colors, and substitute colors within the theme Margaret Sherry created.

  5. She looks great! I'm glad she's being safe while swimming. ;-)

  6. She looks awesome, such a fun stitch!