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Sunday, 23 April 2017

April Stitch Finish

          4th Day of Christmas
           By Margaret Sherry

  This month is moving way too fast. I'm a full week behind on all of my stitching. This lady is awesome! !  Like my other days she is outlined in darker shades of the colors used. I of course made mistakes, but some I just rolled with.  

   For instance, I had stitched the perfect 4. At least I thought that I had. As I was organizing my outline colors, I realized I had stitched it in the wrong color. Then I discovered I had used the shade for my number for the legs. I already had a bad headache, but really wanted to try to finish my outlining.  I left the color of the legs alone. I frogged the number, and stitched it in the shade that was for the legs. Yes, I switched them. Of course between my head pounding, and my husband distracting me, I goofed stitching the number. I just left it, and evened it out before adding the backstitching. 

   I'm happy with her. She stitched up so fast, and has style. I wanted to give these some individuality, and she has it!

      Happy Stitching, and may the frogs stay far away!

       XX - Renee'  (Creating Beauty Mrs S )


  1. She turned out wonderful!! And I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of these guys! What a cute set of 12 Days :)

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to stitching them.

  2. Sorry to hear about the frogs but your Calling Hen looks great now. I expect she's calling Faith's hen to arrange their Hen Night with the other two birds LOL

  3. It's beautiful! Sorry for the frogs, she looks great!!

  4. She is looking great and I agree with Khristine, a very cute set of 12 Days.

  5. She looks great to me. I love her

  6. These are just charming! What a cute series!

  7. I love this one! It makes me smile to see it.

  8. Such a cheerful bird she is.

  9. She looks great! Sorry about the frogging issues and the headache but she looks perfect - a real cool chick! :o)