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Monday, 29 February 2016

Woodland Snowfall by LHN

I did it!  I actually finished this a week ago, but never thought to post until the last minute.  I've made this at least twice before, and given both to friends who don't get snow, in Australia and Saudi Arabia.  I love the design and it just qualifies for the February snow entry.  I'm not a fan of stitching in white, never think my stitches look as good, so the artfully arranged amount on the tree branches was just right!  Do you like my red beaked blackbird?

LHN Woodland Snowfall
2004 JCS Ornament Issue
Now to think of a nice finish and something for the March entry!


  1. That#s a lovely design that I have stitched, too, right away after buying the magazine. This little blackbird is lovely with its red beak.

  2. Very nice! Your little blackbird is my favorite part :)

  3. Love the design - great choice! I really like the squirrels.

  4. Great finish. I'll have to look through that issue on my CD again!

  5. Gillie, so very pretty - like Jo, I need to look through the CD but I do also need to find it first! lol!

  6. Great finish! I have the same problem with white... but I love your snow designs :o)