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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A musical note from Gillie!

Hi everyone, from drippy, foggy Michigan, only good thing is that the warmer temperature is melting the last of the snow!

Here's my ornament for January, it's well travelled this little one, I forget how many SALs it is appearing in! 

Sing Noel
Primrose Needleworks
The Gift of Stitching magazine
Issue 35 December 2008
See you in February, think I have that one planned!


  1. Patterns that work for more than one SAL are wonderful.

    Terrific little pattern and it fits our theme beautifully.

  2. I love when you can use the same project for more than one SAL! Great job it is very cute!

  3. Great ornie! I was about to type "was it a gift" then saw it was from GIFT of Stitching so it totally counts towards GG!

  4. Dang, Jo, a shoehorn one, thanks!

  5. Great choice! Well done on having a well-travelled ornie :o) Great planning!
    Hugs xx